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Terms and Conditions

  • GarudaMiles is a membership program on Garuda Indonesia The GarudaMiles Membership Group is issued to individuals and each member has one GarudaMiles account.
  • GarudaMiles membership is open to Indonesian citizens and / or foreign nationals aged at least 12 (twelve) years and above who are domiciled in Indonesia or outside Indonesia where the GarudaMiles program is implemented, according to the conditions of the registration conditions.
  • Garuda Indonesia has the right to interpret and implement the policies and mechanisms outlined in this Membership Guide. All rules issued in this Guide are binding on GarudaMiles members.
  • Facilities obtained by GarudaMiles members cannot be traded and transferred.
  • Garuda Indonesia Group has the right to use personal data information provided by GarudaMiles members to the Garuda Indonesia Group for operational and marketing purposes of the Garuda Indonesia Indonesia Group, as well as in the interests of cooperation with partners.
  • The GarudaMiles membership card can only be used by the name printed on the GarudaMiles membership card for the purposes and objectives associated with GarudaMiles membership. The use of a GarudaMiles membership card is subject to all GarudaMiles membership conditions which may change from time to time.
  • A person can only have one GarudaMiles membership number. If members have more than one GarudaMiles membership, only one number will be recognized. Mileage in each card will be combined on a recognized card.
  • All privileges and facilities obtained by GarudaMiles members are additional baggage, access to the executive lounge, executive check-in counter, priority stand-by, priority boarding, and other benefits only valid for Garuda Indonesia flights by showing the applicable GarudaMiles membership card and Garuda Indonesia tickets to authorized officers before using the facility.
  • All privileges and membership facilities do not apply to flights, charter flights, Hajj flights carried out by the Government, code share flights and also do not apply to flights of other airlines that are not GarudaMiles Partner Airlines.

I accept the above Terms and Conditions