Traveling with Infant

Children and Infant On Board

Infants and passengers are to be handled according to company policy:

  • The maximum number of infant on board aircraft is 10 percent from seat capacity. Only when peak season maximum number of infant on board is 15 percent from seat capacity
  • Children accompanied by adults should ideally be seated in the same seat row as the adults.
  • Where the above is not possible, children should be seperated by no more than one seat row from accompanying adults.
  • Seat allocation procedures for family groups, including adults, should reflect the above.
  • When large parties of children are carried, should take into accound the principles of the above criteria and apply suitable seating arrangements.
  • Whenever small numbers of infants and children are traveling together, should make every effort to ensure that they are allocated seats where they can be readily supervised by the responsible accompanying adult in both normal and abnormal conditions.

Infant is allowed traveling by air under these following conditions:

  • A person who has not reached his or her second birthday.
  • The physical clarifying methods are applicable:
    • Waist: Less than 40 cm
    • Height: When seated on the parent's lap, the baby's nun or head top not higher than the parent's lower nose.
  • The infant may be held on the lap of an adult
  • The seat belt must be fastened around the adult
  • The adult should hold the infant around the waist
  • Adult with infant must be pre-boarded
  • For infant less then 3months, must complete with a statement letter